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Obstructive sleep apnea treatment in Allentown / Lehigh Valley is starting to become more common because of the high number of people who have experienced adebilitating lifestyle due to sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea treatment will not only allow you to sleep more peacefully, but may allow you to perform simple daily activities with ease and greater safety. In fact, sleep apnea treatment is particularly important for people with sleep apnea who drive since many accidents are caused by falling asleep on the road. Without sleep apnea treatment, your social and professional life may be negatively affected.

While the CPAP machine is a common form of sleep apnea treatment, there are other methods that offer relief from sleep apnea when the CPAP is not a preference. Many individuals prefer a dental approach for the management of sleep apnea when compared to the CPAP. The CPAP can be cumbersome to wear throughout the evening, making sleep uncomfortable and leading to restless nights.

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Dental appliances offer a highly desirable alternative to the CPAP machine for people who cannot tolerate the CPAP and have mild to moderate sleep apnea. A dental appliance can be inserted into your mouth, like a mouth guard, to help keep your airway open for smooth breathing. In this way, your entire mouth area is free from restriction for peaceful sleeping.

Dr. Potter along with a team of professionals will be able to evaluate your condition to ensure that a dental appliance is the right approach for you. Periodically Dr. Potter will check to ensure the appliance is appropriately fitted as it may require adjustments from time to time.

For sleep apnea treatment in the Allentown / Lehigh Valley area contact our office today to book an OSA consultation. We have a new snoring relief site in development that will feature enhanced content specific to the treatment of sleep apnea. You can view it at Sleep Well Allentown.

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