Gum Recession & Soft Tissue Grafting

Gum Graft is a procedure that helps reverse gum recession and it is one of the most delicate procedures performed in dentistry today. Receding or uneven gums are a common occurrence in patients due to age, trauma and periodontal disease. A recession to the gums is when the gum tissue surrounding the tooth has pulled away, causing the roots of the teeth to become exposed. The main goal of grafting is to restore the health of the gum tissue and to prevent further recession and damage to the tooth.

Gum recession can make your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, and treatment to repair it can be done on either a single tooth, or several teeth at the same appointment. IN addition to sensitivity, receding gums can also make teeth more susceptible to cavities (decay) on the exposed roots. In replacing the gum tissue, Dr. John Potter can also sculpt a more attractive and even gumliine. Gum grafts are used to replace gum that has been lost and restoring the thick healthy gum tissue that seals the neck of the teeth to prevent future problems. Many different techniques are available for gum grafting. There are unique patient variables that will be evaluated by Dr. Potter during the consultation to determine the ideal technique to address the gum recession for each patient.

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