Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure – LANAP™ is one of the most revolutionary developments in Periodontology. LANAP™ is a noninvasive laser therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease. Laser therapy is a virtually painless alternative to many of the more traditional surgical procedures associated with periodontal and implant medicine. Using this less painful approach to helping patients achieve improved oral health and a more aesthetic smile.

As with other forms of periodontal therapy, a main goal of laser therapy is to stimulate regeneration of connective tissue and bone between the gums and teeth. LANAP™ is also an excellent approach for patients who want to improve the aesthetics of their gum line with treatments such as cosmetic crown lengthening and tissue re-contouring procedures. For our patients who are candidates for laser therapy, other welcome benefits include less-painful treatment without cutting or stitches, less risk of infection, shorter appointment times, and an easy and fast recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

are dental lasers safe?

Dental laser therapy is safe and effective when preformed  by a qualified provider who has been properly trained and certified to treat periondontal disease.  Dr. Potter has over 40 hours of training on the lanap laser alone and has been utilizing LANAP therapy an option for periodontal therapy for over 8 years.

am i a candidate for LANAP treatment?

Any patient who has been screened for periodontal disease is a candidate for LANAP. Dr. potter will determine if this is the best course of treatment, or if an alternative treatment would be more beneficial.

is there any pain in laser treatment?

In the past, patients have reported minimal amounts of discomfort discomfort following laser therapy. Many patients choose to utilize a mild analgesic on the day of their treatment and rarely feel any further pain. Medications are needed over the following days.

How long will my recovery period Be?

You can expect to be back in your normal routine in as little as one day following your LANAP treatment. However, certain restrictions may be placed on your eating habits for up to a week following your treatment.

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